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Ethereum Classic 51% Chain Attack July 31, 2020

ethereum classic miner activity
This article is based on excellent exploration by Yaz Khoury, Sam Johnson, Austin Roberts and on on-chain data from What happened Ethereum Classic yesterday experienced a huge ‘51% attack’. One miner, 0x75d1e5477f1fdaad6e0e3d433ab69b08c482f14e generated a series of more than 3500 blocks, as a huge fork…

Token Sales Anatomy

The question of how much money worth one or other cryptocurrency, arises in different aspects. One way to answer is to estimate the amount of money people initially invested in cryptocurrency during the ICO. In some cases, this amount can…

Do not be Fooled by Crypto Quiz Games!

crypto quiz games
What is the Quiz? There are a number of “Crypto Quiz Games” smart contracts appearing in the Ethereum network. The game is simple: you have to guess the answer to the question. The prize is from 1 to 6ETH and…

MakerDAO Transactions Illustrated

Makerdao transactions
The MakerDAO protocol is implemented as smart contracts: Sai Tub: which accepts wrapped Ether ( WETH ) as the collateral for DAI debt. Sai Tap: for DAI debt liquidation clearance ( DAI <-> PETH exchange of bad debts ) The…

MakerDAO Spike of Popularity

makerdao spike
MakerDAO “SaiTub” smart contract daily call number immediately grown from a previous average ~10K/day to astonishing 103,580 calls per day at Saturday, 27 July 2019: This is absolute daily maximum, and it made July as the most active month in…

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